Saturday, August 16, 2014

Principal's Suggestion Box #15

These letters are absolutely fictional (to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent.) But, with the hint of truth, maybe we can make some adjustments. Principals have the best chance to do that.

Dear Principal,

With all the renovations on campus right now, I'm having difficulty finding space to IEP test students and hold IEP meetings. I share the Resource Room with Ms. L, the Grade 8 Resource Specialist, and we both have so many pull-out classes that the room is always in use. 

I've thought about having a Tailgate IEP Meeting since I park my truck in the staff lot nearest the Admin. building. Or maybe IEP testing there. I'm sort of joking.

Since this has never happened before, I am hoping the Counselors or teachers that actually have a period off and an empty classroom can help out by allowing the use of their space.

The situation will resolve itself in about six months, I know. But just until the end of the first semester, as Grade 6 Resource Specialist, I have 13 initial IEPs to test and meetings to hold, 11 annual IEPs, and 4 tri-ennual IEPs to test for; and we could have transfers. I don't mind the work, but I must have somewhere to do it. 

Thanks for your help. See you at the IEP meetings.

Highly Qualified Special Education Teacher

Testing and Assessment for Special Education -- a Testing Overview 

Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting 

Building the Legacy:IDEA 

My suggestion: If you, as a Special Education teacher, need support to properly implement an IEP--ask and explain. Principals are tasked with the support of the Special Education program. If the reluctance, or inability of the principal to resolve the issue creates serious deficiencies in your ability to fulfill your Special Education task, talk to your district Special Education folks. The kids with IEPs have very specific rights, and the protocol for testing and the IEP meetings is very strict; the IEP process has to rumble through to an ultimate end. Your job is to see to it.

If possible, Resource teachers really need their own space to test, write the documents and programs, consult with other Special Education professionals, communicate with parents, and hold meetings.



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