Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Educational Links 3/10/16


Writing by Hand Improves Cognitive Development 

How Do We Measure Social and Emotional Learning? 

Understanding Education in a Changing World: What's Really Worth Learning 

Neuroscientists Study Real-Time Learning in Classroom Lab 

Developing your PLN – OR – Why we need to Collaborate 

White teacher: I thought I could reach my black and Latino students. Then one told me why I couldn’t. 

Writing by Hand Improves Cognitive Development

How to Give Students More Control Over Their Learning 

Pressures from parents, administrators, communities, and policymakers keep the education profession in a state of flux. It has been said that the only constant in teaching is change. Fortunately, the foundation for what teachers, administrators, and support staff do on a daily basis remains constant: We care for children. Most educators enter the profession due to their unquenchable passion for working with kids. It is out of this love for "our kids" that we cultivate a caring classroom culture.

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