Thursday, March 10, 2016

Educational Links 3/11/16


9 Rules For Digital Citizenship 

Top Educators Lament Poor Teacher-Retention Efforts 

Report: Inclusion On Rise In Nation’s Schools 

5 Tips to Help Your Students Write More, More, More! 

Best of Teacher HELPLINE!: 6 Interactive Reading Strategies to Boost Student Engagement!-6-interactive-reading-strategies-to-boost-student-engagement 

The Difference Between Sensory Processing Issues and ADHD 

When Integrating A School, Does It Matter If You Use Class Instead Of Race? 

To be clear, there's evidence that socially as well as racially integrated schools benefit all students. When a school reaches a stable level of about 30 percent middle-class students, the lower-income students achieve at higher levels and the privileged students do no worse, says Halley Potter, the author of one of the Century Foundation reports. Similarly, the racial achievement gap shrinks in schools that have less than a "supermajority" of 60 percent of any one race.

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