Saturday, March 12, 2016

Educational Links 3/12/16

New SAT Receives Positive Feedback From Students Thus Far - See more at:

Teaching Strategies to Promote a Self-Directed Classroom 

Coordination and Motor Skills: What to Expect at Different Ages

Researchers link inequality to high school dropout rates 

Is Immaturity Mistaken for ADHD? 

Design Thinking in Education: Empathy, Challenge, Discovery, and Sharing 

Students Who Lose Recess Are the Ones Who Need It Most 

Lesson Plan: Teach Students How To Rebuff Terrorist Recruiters 

New SAT Receives Positive Feedback From Students Thus Far
 Learning Disabilities: Myths and Realities 1-12

Myth 4: Children with LD are just lazy or unmotivated.

This myth plagues children with ADHD, too. A learning disability is not a character flaw, and children who struggle with LD are often trying as hard — or harder — than their peers. It’s important that parents and teachers offer support and understanding; otherwise, children with learning disabilities can develop low self-esteem or set low expectations for themselves and become apathetic about school and their future.


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