Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Educational Links 3/7/18

Social & Emotional Learning

Do We Put Too Much Emphasis on Memorizing Multiplication Facts?

How Every IEP Should Start

How to Add Voice Comments to PDFs and Word Documents

Response to Intervention

Are Evaluation and Tenure Reforms Scaring Away Prospective Teachers?

More Than A Teacher

Teaching is an art, a sacrifice, and has the goal of changing the future one child at a time. It’s a noble profession, but does that make you all that you are?
I think the public forgets we are more than teachers. We are parents and children. We are husbands, wives, and significant others. We are artists, historians, and scientists. Most importantly, we are human. And I know you are going to say, well, of course, you are human. Sometimes, I think people forget that we are imperfect, busy, trying to be happy, and trying to keep everyone else happy (an impossible task).

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