Monday, June 25, 2018

Educational Links 6/26/18

A History Of The Department Of Education

How to Create a Virtual Tour That Includes Audio Narration

3 Practical Resources to Help Teachers Integrate SEL and Academics

FDA Approves Marijuana-Based Drug To Treat Severe Epilepsy

Classroom Management to Prevent Student Boredom


Response: 'Embracing Technology' as a Tool for Differentiation

Consider the myth of the "average" or "traditional" student--an assumption based on the idea that most students learn the same way--that for years has driven instructional methods and groupings--sometimes for efficiency's sake alone.  But instead of a singular learner prototype, isn't it more likely that individual learners shift according to the learning demand, resulting in a mix of learning needs and interests within one individual students? Technology can provide the means for teachers to create accessible, diverse curriculum that appeals to a wide array of students while also making it possible for teachers to maintain agency and autonomy over instruction. 

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