Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Educational Links 6/27/18

What Every Teacher Should Know About ADHD: A Poster for School

Education unfits us for slavery; we need to protect the Department of Education

How transparent is school data when parents can’t find it or understand it?

Should Schools Have Onsite Health Clinics for Teachers?

How Teachers Can Promote Prosocial Behavior in Students

Carol Dweck’s New Response To Critiques Of Growth Mindset

Summer Recharge

We made it—summer is finally here! Sometimes I feel like the Energizer Bunny throughout the year since I just keep going and going and going. While everyone is excited to have a break, it does seem like our summers keep getting shorter and shorter, so we need to make the most out of the time we have. And just like the Energizer Bunny, every battery needs a little recharging. Here are some tips to help you recharge this summer.

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