Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Educational Links 6/7/18

Parents, Schools Step Up Efforts To Combat Food-Allergy Bullying


When School Rules Are Different for Students of Color

‘Relationship Gap’: It’s Not Just What Students Know, It’s Whom They Know That Enables Them to Succeed

Where Questioning Fits in Comprehension Instruction: Skills and Strategies

Effective Time-Saving Teaching Strategies

Are Your Students Thinking Critically?

Every teacher’s goal is for students to use critical thinking in the work they do. Students who can think critically grow into lifelong problem solvers. Critical thinking with students means that they can take information and analyze it, draw conclusions, form and defend opinions with data to back it up, reflect on their work, and approach problems in a systematic way. Where does that begin in the classroom? And how do we promote critical thinking in the lessons we do with students? 

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