Friday, June 8, 2018

Educational Links 6/9/18

EdStat: Six States have Passed Right-to-Work Legislation in the Past Eight Years

What Should Small Group Reading Instruction Look Like?

Classroom Management: 5 Habits of Effective Teachers

Checking for Understanding

Autism and mental health: Meeting the needs of young people in crisis


The practice of passing students to the next grade or holding them back is nothing new. In the often cut-and-dry world of K-12 academics, the fate of a student is based on a shockingly unsophisticated system. The K-12 system seems to be oblivious or indifferent to the impact this pass/fail system has on the lives of the children it affects. Even though all available indices show they are the worse for it, students continue to be promoted by age with no concern for subject mastery or held back regardless of age when metrics are not met. Such irrationality demands an explanation. Why are educators, parents and the American public complicit in a practice that does demonstrable harm to children and the competitive future of the country?

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