Friday, November 16, 2018

Educational Links 11/17/18

Agents of Their Own Success: Self-Advocacy Skills and Self-Determination for Students with Disabilities in the Era of Personalized Learning

Response: Effective Ways Students Can Teach Their Classmates

Social and Emotional Learning: From Theory to Practice

10 Common Myths About ADHD

Teachers Must Not Only Be Non-Racist, But Anti-Racist

Every City Should Have a Toy Library

A Grading Strategy That Puts the Focus on Learning From Mistakes

Alcala also projects "favorite mistakes" on the board that they talk about as a class. And students get time to look at their own mistakes and figure out where they went wrong. The other advantage of highlighting is that she can call attention to things that she won't necessarily take points off for, but that she wants students to notice. For example, she might highlight that they didn't put the correct units in a word problem. They got the math correct, so Alcala is not worried they won't be able to move forward, but she wants to remind them that units are important.

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