Sunday, March 31, 2019

Educational Links 4/1/19


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The Anti-Bullying Classroom: Advice for Educators

Teachable Moments: Connecting With Students In — and Out — of the Classroom

Teaching Students to Read Metacognitively

50 Challenging Activities To Promote Digital Media Literacy In Students

Intrinsic Motivation is Key to Student Achievement – But Schools Can Crush It

One of the key components of engagement is students’ 
excitement about what they learn. Yet most schools 
extinguish that excitement.
It all comes down to motivation. In many schools, 
students do their work because their teachers tell them
 to. Or because they need to do it to get a certain grade. 
For students like Destiny, getting a good grade and 
outshining their peers – not learning itself – becomes 
the goal of school. For other students, they need 
minimum grades to be on sports teams or participate 
in extracurricular activities or please their parents, 
and that becomes their motivation. Students who do 
their work because they’re genuinely interested in 
learning the material are few and far between.

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