Thursday, May 31, 2012

Order Versus Creativity? Happy Birthday Ellsworth Kelly

Spectrum IV
Those lines are awfully straight. Like classroom rules. These colors vivid, bright. Like kids' ideas. That arrangement is logical, but with surprises. Like a class discussion with student input. This medium is controlled by the artist. Like a teacher with a lesson plan.

Order and creativity. Thank you, Ellsworth Kelly. Happy Birthday!

Talk about the perfection of order and creativity: our friend, Mozart.  The artists are Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo. Their Show Igudesman & Joo includes various and hilarious music by Mozart, Rach­mani­nov, Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss, Beethoven and their own. 

 The two classical musicians kibitzing about the playing of this music is so great!

Turkish March - A La Turca 

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