Thursday, June 14, 2012

All the World's A Stage Tweets of the Day (6/14/2012)

Our William
Lots of focus on getting Shakespeare to kids.

The Folger Shakespeare Library has lots and lots of lesson plans.

1. Featured Lesson Plans 

 I doubt Willie would be offended by rap, he'd probably be very good at it.

2. Teachers Shake Up Shakespeare with Digital Media
Wasn't the soul patch cool enough?

Rap and film bring the Bard's characters to life for high school students.

I almost agree with the next blog, but the language can do such wonders for the mind and soul, please be careful.

3. Teach Shakespeare However You Want -- Just Keep His Language Alive 

4. Sixth-Graders, Pop Lyrics, and Iambic Pentameter

Not to be difficult, but we all know Shakespeare has also been hip.

5. Romeo and Juliet for the 21st c.: How One Teacher Created a Drama Club and Made Shakespeare Hip 



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