Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kids Know It Network

Wow, these folks have been really busy since 1998. Good for them. Here's a plethora of info. and activities to help fill a young mind in the summer.

You might want to start with astronomy, since it is pleasant outside at night (not -5 F) and the stars are free, not to mention so cool. And recognizing planets blows the mind.
Yes, that asteroid will miss us.
Is there alien life in the universe? Can we get there? What are the space crafts we have like?

Why do I get and inch? How much will I grow? Why do I have to cut my hair?

Why did the Civil War happen anyway? What was the big deal about Julius Caesar?
Did the Chinese really invent everything?

Where does Fluffy fit in the family of all felines?

Vercintorix never had a chance.
Turkey Terminator

Dinosaurs roar!

Remember what?

Where do balloons go when they escape human hands?

Educational movies, and we mean educational!

How beautiful and green.
Where's Sri Lanka?

What song is next?

What kind of rock is this?

 Choose between Spellasourus and Spelloons? I don't know if I can make a decision.

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