Monday, June 11, 2012

First Cup of Coffee and Morning (Jazz)

Morning, Edvard Munch
Think she needs her first cup of coffee, and some morning jazz..

Sara Lazarus - Morning (Jazz) 

Yeah, there we go, Edvard Munch chick--some bossa nova. 

Here are the lyrics, very cool.

What of a morning
that brings a day so gently,
and bathes the leaves
of memories
that feel so long ago.

I still recall you
in all these early hours,
though I were there
one more to share
a love lost long ago.

Crassness of youth,
concluding only half of the truth,
exuding only one small percent
of what I surely felt for you.

An then one morning
that brought a day so gently,
we set apart
things of the heart
and lost love long ago

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