Sunday, July 29, 2012

Everybody Gets Ready for School Tweets of the Day 7/29/12

Oh boy, the schoolbus!
School's around the corner!

1. Sharpening Kids' Social Skills Before Back-to-School 

Reassurance and sound ideas for the start of school.
2. Videos
Fun (and optimistic) idea to get organized for school. No, we won't misplace any school notes.
They caught the Twitter bird!
3. Make a School Notes Clip Magnet 
Role models are magnificent. Helping the kids become role models is even more magnificent. 

4. Classroom Champions Inspire Students

Still have time to think about classroom design. (That's always evolving.)

This looks like a NFL play.

5. My Classroom Design & Seating Chart Tips 

Here is a very thoughtful essay for administrators, I think.

6. Discipline and School Spirit

Maurice Elias 



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