Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Teaching Lower Income Students Tweets of the Day 8/1/12

Blessed is he (she)  that remember the poor. That quote is from Proverbs 19:17.

Kids just like to have fun! (Grown-ups, too.)
1. Homeless Kids at Play in Washington D.C.

Notice how much the wealthy spend to educate their kids.

2.How The Poor, The Middle Class And The Rich Spend Their Money 

As though achievement is restricted to one demographic.

3.Rayville Elementary, Failing Louisiana School, Will Not Transfer White Students Out Because Of 1960s Court Ruling (LETTER) 

I'm sure these ideas also came from common sense and experience.

4.  Building Resiliency in Struggling Students: 7 Key Ideas from Research
Boy reading in Jakarta. 

This includes amazing shots of folks reading around the world. 
Not a kindle in sight.

5.  Read a Book: 10 Telling Photos of Literacy Around the World 

 This is a complex issue of constitutional rights versus constitutional rights. What's best for the Special Ed. kids?

6. Andrew Cuomo To Veto Controversial Special Education Bill That Would Require Consideration Of Religious Beliefs In Private School Placement 

I doubt this secret is only being kept in D,C,

7.  Literacy Volunteers And Advocates Helps Battle Illiteracy In D.C.

Learning how you learn is not only for lower income kids, it helps us all. Bach and Mozart in the background, for sure. Dr. Judy Willis always has great articles. Check out all the fascinating links at the end of the article. Plus, by putting this up, I can include that really cool art.

Dr. Judy Willis
8.  A Neurologist Makes the Case for Teaching Teachers About the Brain
"Neuroscience should be required for all students [of education] . . . to familiarize them with the orienting concepts [of] the field, the culture of scientific inquiry, and the special demands of what qualifies as scientifically based education research." - Eisenhart & DeHaan, 2005

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