Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun and the Future! Tweets of the Day 8/2/12

The sky is cheap entertainment.
 Still  more fun in summer! Let's squeeze out every drop.

1. Start with a book

Weather Report 

How to explore this theme:

  • Choose books and book-related activities
  • Explore more hands-on activities
  • Try some summer writing
  • Dig deeper with these websites
  • Play and learn with interactive mobile apps

Want to help kids get books?

 2. Pirates, Ninjas, Dinosaurs, Etc. 

Service dog in class for autistic.

 Pets help me socially!

3.  Pets For Kids With Autism: New Study Finds They May Help Socially (STUDY) 

4. Healthy School Lunch Changes Could See Backlash From Parents And Students

End of an era: no chocolate chip cookie. 

 5. Some Kids Need More to Get the Same Result 

Superintendent Michael Watenpaugh, of San Rafael City Schools, looks at the lowest achievers in his district differently than most. "We are bringing together partners and services that support the needs of kids, because we all know that some kids need more to get the same."

Michael Watenpaugh

                                                                             Three cheers, Michael!

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