Thursday, August 2, 2012

Teachable Moment: Mr. Moonlight (Sr. Lux de Luna)

Moon and stars

August brings 2 full moons.

 August 2012 has two full moons. That’s somewhat unusual. Most months only have one. But in cycles of 19 years, or 228 calendar months, seven to eight calendar months will always have two full moons. In other words, there’s a month with two full moons every two to three years. When it happens, the second one is popularly called a Blue Moon. The Blue Moon for 2012 will fall on August 31--from the site Earth Sky.

Seems appropriate to acknowledge this special phenomena with John Lennon's voice calling:

Mr. Moonlight - The Beatles (Subtitulada al Español)

The town I grew up in throughout middle and high school, Chula Vista, had Fiesta de la Luna. So I guess we've got it covered.

Go out and look at the moon. Howl only if appropriate.

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