Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teacher's Checklist Tweets of the Day 8/4/12

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    Teacher's Checklist:

    1. Get Tdap booster against the 100 Day Cough (Pertussis)

    2. Convince principal to individualize In-services

    3. Tweek assessment for specific classes.

    4. Make the scripted teaching program your own.

    1, Experts Fear Whooping Cough Vaccine's Shield Is 'Waning' 

    2.  Mr. Teachbad: Please Differentiate Teachers' PD 

    3.  How Can We Make Assessments Meaningful? 
    1. Does the assessment involve project-based learning?
    2. Does it allow for student choice of topics?
    3. Is it inquiry based?
    4. Does it ask that students use some level of internet literacy to find their answers?
    5. Does it involve independent problem solving?
    6. Does it incorporate the 4Cs?
    7. Do the students need to communicate their knowledge via writing in some way?
    8. Like the recognition of creativity.
    9. Does the final draft or project require other modalities in its presentation? (visual, oral, data, etc...) 


    4.  How to Beat "Teacher Proof" Programs 


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