Friday, October 26, 2012

Ed Tech and the Heart of Service Tweets of the Day 10/26/12

1. Tips for Tech-Cautious Teachers 

2. Linda Lane, Pittsburgh Schools Superintendent, Turns Down $20,000 Pay Raise 

Statue of George Washington Carver as a child.

 3. Serving Low-Income Students

4. Department Of Defense Needs Overhaul Of Recruitment Practices, Faces Shortfall Of STEM Workers: Report 

5. ClassBadges Is A Free Way To Gamify Your Classroom 

6. Intensive Early Intervention Improves Social Skills and Brain Responses 

Catch those ZZZZs so you can achieve.

7. Snooze or Lose

Overstimulated, overscheduled kids are getting at least an hour’s less sleep than they need, a deficiency that, new research reveals, has the power to set their cognitive abilities back years. 


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