Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Educational Links 4/18/18

Unstructured play is critical for kids + their brain development—so set them free?

Teaching the Whole Child Means Addressing Physical Development Too!

The four challenges every teacher faces in the workplace – and how to overcome them

TEACHER VOICE: ‘As a young black male, I wish I’d had more teachers who looked like me’

Paid summer breaks and other common myths about teachers

My Top 20 Tech Tips for Teachers!

New Rules Let Ed Department Ignore Disability-Related Complaints

Under a new set of guidelines that went into effect March 5, the Office for Civil Rights can now dismiss reports if “a complaint is a continuation of a pattern of complaints previously filed with OCR by an individual or group against multiple recipients, or a complaint is filed for the first time … that places an unreasonable burden on OCR’s resources.”

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