Monday, November 11, 2019

How Many Ways Can Teachers Save Time?

Looks like at least 81--
ways for teachers 
to save time, that is.

Ten Time-Saving Tips for New Teachers

Teaching is an exhausting, demanding job. And part of being a new teacher is finding a solid workflow. This takes time. It can feel inefficient. You’ll have moments when you are finishing half of the tasks you thought you would accomplish. 

11 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

Nine Ways to Save Time in the Classroom

28 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

5 Powerful Ways to Save Time as a Teacher

Classroom Management: Use These Time-Saving Tips

8 Ways For Teachers To Save Time In The Classroom

Time Is an Essential Teacher Resource, So How Can Schools Be More Creative With It?

10 Time-Saving Tips and Tools for Teachers

Let’s face it. As teachers, your time is precious. You only have so much time with your students, and you want to maximize that time for learning.
We don’t want to end up wasting valuable time searching for documents, websites, or setting up our lessons.
We need to use technology to help us save instructional time, not add to it.

How Tech Can Engage Students, Simplify the School Day and Save Time for Teachers

Resources that save teachers time can boost morale

Getting Your To-Do List Under Control

Teaching is a big job. From early morning setup to after-school grading, teachers are constantly making decisions, multitasking, and hustling through lengthy to-do lists. For new teachers, it can be especially hard to get everything done and still have much-needed time for personal wellness.

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