Monday, November 11, 2019

Strategies for Teaching Non-Verbal Students

Who Uses Sign Language?

It is not just deaf and hard of hearing children who use sign language. Another large segment of sign language users is hearing nonverbal children who are nonverbal due to conditions such as down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, trauma, and brain disorders or speech disorders.
Classroom Accommodations for Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

Students who have nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD) have difficulty with social skills and abstract thinking. They often need explicit instruction to pick up on social cues and struggle with things like abstract concepts or changes to their routine. 

6 Strategies for Encouraging a Non-Verbal Child to Communicate

Engaging a non-verbal child doesn’t necessarily mean being resigned to non-verbal methods of communication forever. New breakthroughs have shown that you can actually use non-verbal methods as a way to begin encouraging your child to use words… and in the meantime develop effective strategies for figuring out what they want and need.

Students with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

This group of disabled learners has only begun to receive the understanding and attention they require. To understand the difficulties they face and to help them to make the best of their assets while minimizing the effects of their weaknesses, we need to recognize the syndrome and its implications.

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