Saturday, September 29, 2012

Encouraging Info. and Grilled Cheese Tweets of the Morning 9/29/12

National Center for Learning Disabilities

1. Study: Young Children Explore as Scientists Do 

2. Surrogates Take the Podium at National Forum on Disability Issues 

3. Organizing the Homework Area

4. Regression may mark one-third of autism cases 

5. E:60 - Jack's Heat 

6.Autism Cafe: Saturday

So it wasn't too long ago that I discovered a GFCF & vegan grilled cheese sandwich - that actually tasted and was gooey like a "regular" grilled cheese! 

It was when we stopped in at "Kind Food" here in Burlington, and were introduced to their "OMG Grilled Cheese" using Daiya non dairy cheese, that opened my eyes to new food options, and a new favourite food group was introduced to our home.

We make our own grilled cheese using the following GFCF products:
Daiya cheddar cheese
Organic Works GFCF & vegan Bread
Earth Balance natural "buttery" spread

Try putting a spooky spin on the regular grilled cheese by making some simple pumpkin faces in the bread once it has been cooked.

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